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Junior High School

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The High School Department shall have the following objectives:


  1. Use experiential approaches that will allow the student to witness in daily life his/her dynamic love of GOD, a sense of personal worth and respect for others with preferential love of the poor, and to relate harmoniously and effectively with his/her family, school, Church and the country;


  1. Enrich life through an appreciation of Filipino heritage and love of what is just, true, and noble;


  1. Foster intellectual curiosity, analytical and logical thinking, develop interests and aptitudes necessary to succeed in college and to choose a career wisely;


  1. Encourage students to achieve academic excellence and to acquire skills, habits and desirable values  to meet the demands of a changing society;


  1. Help students in identifying vocational interests to develop  and  become worthy and effective members of home and community;


  1. Discover and enhance the different aptitudes and interests of the individual student to be equipped with skills for productive endeavors and to be prepared for work in the real world and/or for further formal studies in higher education; and


  1. Help students develop physical fitness, self-discipline and self-renewal in day to day life.

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