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The Grade School Department shall have the following objectives:


  1. Use experiential approaches which will enable the pupil to acknowledge  God as Father, Creator and Provider, Jesus as Brother and Redeemer,  the Holy Spirit as Sanctifier and persons as brothers and sisters in the  Lord with Blessed Virgin Mary  as the model disciple;


  1. Provide basic knowledge and develop the foundation skills, attitudes, and values, including the moral and spiritual dimensions essential to the child’s personal development which are necessary for living and contributing to a developing and changing social milieu;


  1. Provide learning experiences which will increase the child’s awareness of and responsiveness to the changes in society and prepare him/her for constructive and effective involvement;


  1. Promote and intensify the child’s knowledge of,  identification with, and love for the nation and the people to which he/she belongs; and


  1. Promote work experiences which develop and enhance the child’s orientation to the world of work, and creativity in order to prepare him/her to engage in honest and gainful work.

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